The most advanced, complex, handy Minecraft Web API.

Unique Features

McAPI is in development for almost 3 years by now. It features the latest technology and a ton of experience which is making it the best Minecraft API out there.


McAPI is one of the most feature rich APIs for Minecraft. - McAPI provides APIs for server details (Server API), user details & reputation (User API), Minecraft itself and its services (Game API), voting services (Votifier & NuVotifer), an image processing service (Image API), donation services (Buycraft API) and our own interface called Pipeline API.

High Availability

McAPI is based and running on the latest hardware. We are using high-availability cache systems to provide a responsive and trustworthy system. All data is stored on SSDs or in-memory.

Millions of Requests

McAPI is serving millions of requests each day to developers and projects around the world.


McAPI is for the community. Minecraft is and always has been a community game with an awesome community. This project is contributing to this community to become the best it can possibly be. The community can also suggest new features and more on our GitHub page.

Made in Germany

McAPI is developed in Germany with German quality standards to make such a project possible.

Made with Love

McAPI is a hobby project driven by its community and move with love (and some tea and coffee).