Here you can find all the new features I have implemented.


2017 - 15 - 11

bug-fix The Pipeline API reads now the response without failing.

improvement Fixed a severe bug.
Download Pipeline 0.3 Repository Documentation


2017 - 23 - 2

improvement We are finally supporting DNS SRV records. Minecraft introduced with the patch 1.3 to connect servers via a hostname even if you do not provide a port and the port is not default. McAPI finally supports this feature now.

bug-fix The Server API endpoint is now timing-out correctly. In the past it struggled with some configurations to hit the point of dropping out while blocking other requests to the API.


2017 - 1 - 1

improvement This update introduces new back-end code for the /api/user endpoint.

Why, what is wrong with the Backbone service feature introduce about 6 months ago? We already discussed this here and 20zinm suggested using proxies and I finally implemented this feature, but in a slightly different way. The idea is to assign multiple addresses to the main node and I am just switching between different IPs to make the requests.
The requests might be slightly slower because I am using now a MySQL instance for caching instead of Memcache to avoid losing old data when the service crashes.

removed Removed /image/user/ because it is currently only waisting resources. There is no demand for this service at least not at my end according to NewRelic metrics.


2016 - 7 - 4

improvement The user information endpoint allows you now to get the properties stored about the user in a raw base64 encoded and an unencoded version.


2016 - 18 - 6

feature We offer now a really great improved user-query service due to a request, we implemented fallback servers for the user-information endpoint, because Mojang allows only 60requests/minute, but some of you need way more and if we don't have the user still in our cache we've to send a new request to one of our backbones. - The backbones also cache the user for 6 hours.


With the improved system, it's possible to scale endless, but due to the lack of money, it's not possible, if we notice that we need for some hours more capacity we will add more servers to the stack. We may automate this process in the future.
If we really hit the limit of requests with all backbones the system will return a 429 HTTP status code.

What can I do to help McAPI to avoid to hit the limit?

Optimize your code to remove any unnecessary API calls. - If you want to optimize your code, you can cache requests in your application or store them in your own database, serialized files etc.

Limit the request rate. Fair use, is the key word! - Yes, we love to support your application with the API. Yes, we love huge and ambitious projects and all of them are always welcome, but we also run this service for free and we want as many developers as possible to have a great time using McAPI. If you frequently notice that McAPI runs into 429 errors, you could try to distribute your requests more evenly over time.

You can monitor this by checking how often you run into 429 error codes.

This is a really new feature and the system is currently in beta due to the lack of testing yet. We've tested it in the past but only to a limited extent. If you run into problems feel free to create a new issue on GitHub to notify us.

improvement The Image-User enpdpoint supports now transparent background for the isometric and body rendering mode combined with a PNG file and also allows now a maximum size of 300.


2016 - 22 - 5

improvement The Image-User enpdpoint supports now file endings. - It supports .jpg and .png, you can just append it at the end of the URL e.g.: or

I implemented this because some services require a file-type at the end of an image-url and in the background it really creates a JPEG or PNG image. If you don't append the file type the default value is PNG.


2016 - 21 - 5

feature Finally! Finally, McAPI also supports avatars in all its forms. The image endpoint supports now various types of skin rendering. You can render just the face (with and without helmet) of a user to use it as an avatar. You can render an isometric view of the head and you can render a front view of the user's skin.

This is currently just a beta and I'm not sure if we do have enough resources to answer all requests, if not I will upgrade the rendering server.


2016 - 5 - 11

bug-fix Improved the detection if the server is currently blocked by Mojang.


2016 - 5 - 7

bug-fix The User API endpoint returned for some days the wrong value for the premium-field. This field is set to true when the user bought this account, otherwise it's false. Mojang removed the required endpoint or moved it. - I'm now using a workaround to solve this problem.
I'll keep monitoring the situation to make sure that this workaround is working correctly.

removed The User Reputation API endpoint doesn't support anymore, due to inactivity. The project seems to be gone if it returns I will add it back, but currently the reputation endpoint works without it.


2016 - 5 - 2

improvement The server API endpoint now also checks against the Mojang Minecraft Server Block List and returns a value if the server is on this list or not.
You will find more information about this here

You get this information threw the /api/server - POST endpoint.


2016 - 4 - 10

improvement The Pipeline plugin returns now some more details about the server. - Updated the protocol, PHP handling and the plugin.
Download Pipeline 0.2 Repository Documentation


2016 - 4 - 9

feature Pipeline. - The Pipeline plugin is a new plugin to get more information about your players and in general about your server. It's using a secure authentication method to make sure that only people with granted access, do have access to these information.
The plugin currently returns information about the server itself, more detailed player information, more detailed world and plugin information. It is still in alpha but it's working, but currently only on Sponge servers.

Download Pipeline 0.1 Repository Documentation

improvement The Server API endpoint has now more error messages.


2016 - 4 - 5

feature The Server API has now a query endpoint. - The query endpoint allows you to communicate with the built-in Query in all Minecraft Servers. The query allows you to get a list of all installed plugins and the names of all players and some more information, but these are also available threw the other endpoints of the Server API.

The target server needs to set 'enable-query=true' in the ''.

feature The Votifier API supports now also the fork-project The endpoint supports both provided protocols (v1 and v2). - This endpoint also supports the advanced RSA public key parsing.

improvement I re-worked the whole website. Everything is now up-to-date and should look much better and also should be ways more SEO friendly.

improvement The Votifier API endpoint has now an improved RSA key parsing. This allows the API to also use not correctly formatted keys.

improvement Upgraded PHP to PHP 7.

improvement Upgraded nginx to the latest nginx version.

improvement Upgraded cache to its latest version.

improvement Updated the Framework to its latest version.

improvement Unified error and non-error messages.

improvement Improved 404 error page for the documentation.

improvement Improved 404 JSON error message for the API endpoints.

improvement Improved 405 JSON error message for the API endpoints.

removed Removed all User Auth endpoints.

removed Removed all Texture endpoints.

bug-fix Votifier API endpoint resolves now hostnames correctly.


2016 - 3 - 29

improvement Update the information about all textures to support Minecraft Version 1.9.

bug-fix The Votifier API returns now the correct data even if you provide invalid data.

bug-fix The menu wasn't accessible from some screens with un-popular screen resolutions.


2015 - 11 - 15

feature The Image API and the Game API have now a new endpoints. These endpoints allow you to get the textures of Minecraft and information about these textures.


2015 - 11 - 2

improvement The User API reputation endpoint calculates now a value for all users. The value is based on all ban records that the API got from the ban services. The formula is everytime under development to make unpredictable for people who try to take impact on the score.

The value has the role of a guideline and is based on raw data sets from third-party proivers. It just fullfills and advisory role.


2015 - 11 - 1

improvement The User API reputation endpoint supports now, and


2015 - 11 - 1

feature The User API has now a reputation endpoint. The reputation endpoints works with the results from the and computes them to a score. More ban services will be implemented soon.


2015 - 7 - 30

bug-fix The User auth Endpoints didn't response when a invalid identifier was provided by the request.


2015 - 6 - 28

bug-fix The Server API endpoints didn't work correctly if the server response with an invalid packet. These invalid packets will be handeled now.

bug-fix The "try-it-console" on the index page returns now also user-command-response correctly.


2015 - 6 - 28

feature The new Game API status endpoint allows you to get the status of all Mojang and Minecraft services.

feature The User API has now some new endpoints. These endpoints allow you to interact with the Yggdrasil authentication service from Mojang. Threw the endpoints you can authenticate users, refresh and validate user sessions.

improvement Improved the performance of the cache back-end.

improvement The website has a new page called "Projects". The projects page contains some awesome community orihects based on the McAPI.

bug-fix The F.A.Q. search functions works now correctly.

bug-fix Fixed a performance lag in the statistic update mechansim.


2015 - 6 - 10

improvement Increased the cache time for some endpoints. - The Server API caches now for 5 minutes instead of 30 minutesa nd the User API 6 hours instead of 24 hours.

bug-fix The Server API returns now the correct amount of online players.


2015 - 6 - 7

feature The Buycraft API endpoint allows you to communicate with Buycraft stores. You can request geneal information about the store, the latest paymenets and also all information about all available packages.

feature The Votifier API endpoint makes it possible to send votes threw the API to your Votifier instance.

feature The new statistic page contains some real-time statistics about the API itself.

bug-fix The Server API returns now the correct amount of online players.


2015 - 6 - 1

This is the first iteration of the API and contains already a lot of useful methods for every developer. I've added a lot of the basic functions Server API, User API, Image API and Game API.