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  • Who is the developer?

    I’m Jan Krüger (alias Yonas) a web & software developer living in Dortmund, Germany. Currently I spend my days as a normal student at a normal high school. I’m available for smaller, interesting projects during evenings and weekends. I’m currently unavailable for bigger projects, though feel free to get in touch if you have an idea I might be interested in. I’m extremely passionate about development in all its forms. Aside from development, I enjoy spending my time with my friends, taking photos and watching south park and learning for school but that isn't my main hobby. smiley If you have questions, ideas or just feedback stuff feel free to contact me. I will answer every message as fast as possible and now: have a nice day!
  • Is McAPI free?

    Yes, Sir.
  • How can I support you?

    Donatig online is the best way to support McAPI! The process is secure and easy, and this is the most cost-effective way for McAPI to accept gifts. To make donation to McAPI right now, click here.
  • Why should I support McAPI?

    McAPI provides an easy way to get a lot of information, for developer all over the world - free of charge, and free of advertising. McAPI is a non-profit service, the life of this page depends on your help. Your donations directly support me to keep this page alive.
  • Did you find a bug or do you need help?

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with the API. - Please open a new issue on GitHub.
  • What about the Mojang API request limit?

    We implemented a system to avoid hitting the limit. - If you want more information about this topic take a look at this changelog entry https://mcapi.de/changelog#v24.